About Me

I am a university educator, researcher, writer and publisher, with 20 years in the university sector. I have studied and worked at Macquarie University, the Australian National University and the University of New South Wales. 

I have been a biologist, and I have worked in world pioneering conservation genetics modelling of breeding strategies for captive endangered species populations. I have worked in biotechnology, developing recombinant molecular technologies for the humane management and control of marsupial pest populations.

More recently, I have worked in the fields of humanities research including strategic and defence studies, comparative cultural and philosophical approaches to warfare as well as the evolving nature of conflict and warfare. I have worked also in history and politics with an interest in modern Chinese history and contemporary China studies. I have worked in community engagement with history of the Chinese-Australian community.

As an educator, I have taught in the Australian university sector for over 15 years in subjects ranging from biology and genetics to Chinese history, Chinese politics, North East Asian politics, contemporary China studies and Chinese-English translation. Most recently, I was a lecturer in Chinese studies at Macquarie University.

I have also been an academic consultant in Chinese society and politics to the Centre of Defence and Strategic Studies of the Australian Defence College, where I taught to senior Australian and international military and government officials.

Over the last 20 years I have written broadly and extensively in refereed academic publishing as well as scholarly and popular publishing.

I am now also an independent publisher and offer publishing and writing services to get your books and articles to publication.  Please read more about my publishing service, and consider how my 20 years experience in academic research and writing, as well as my special interest areas can help you with your book or document project.

I offer services as an academic consultant, as a proof reading and editor for both corporate and academic writing, and as a translator of Chinese to English written texts. Please read more about these other services.

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