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Militia Marksmanship Training Manual (Rifle and Submachine Guns). Type 53 Mosin Nagant, Chiang Kai-shek Mauser, Arisaka and M1903 Springfield Rifles; Type 50 (PPSh-41) and Type 54 (PPS-43) Submachine Guns.   Translated and New Text by Edwin H. Lowe (Edwin H. Lowe Publishing 2015).  

The Free Mind: Essays and Poems in Honour of Barry Spurr. Edited by Catherine A. Runcie (Edwin H. Lowe Publishing 2016)

When Dragons Whisper - Haunted By The Shadow Of Tiananmen. Valerie Horniman, Forewords by Catherine A. Runcie and Jocelyn Chey. (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014). 

Available in Colour, black and white, and Kindle editions

The Chinese Martial Code: The Art of War of Sun Tzu, The Precepts of War by Sima Rangju, Wu Zi on the Art of War (Bilingual Edition). A.L. Sadler and Edwin H. Lowe (Tuttle Publishing 2009). Available in hardback (2009) and Kindle (2011).

The Water Margin: Outlaws of the Marsh. Shi Naian (Author), J.H. Jackson (Translator), Edwin Lowe (Foreword & Editor)  (Tuttle Publishing 2010).

Available in paperback and Kindle

The Dream of the Red Chamber.  Cao Xueqin (Author), H. Bencraft Joly (Translator), Edwin Lowe (Introduction), John Minford (Foreword). (Tuttle Publishing, 2010)

Available in paperback and Kindle

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