The Makarov Pistol: Soviet Union and East Germany


The Makarov Pistol (Volume 1): Soviet Union and East Germany
by Henry C. Brown and Cameron S. White (Edwin H. Lowe Publishing 2016)

The Makarov Pistol entered service as the primary service pistol in the armed forces and security services of the Soviet Union in 1951.  It continues to serve in the forces of the Russian Federation, and the former Soviet Union, and of nations around the world.  It has been estimated that some 5 million Makarov pistols had been produced in the Soviet Union and Russian Federation alone up 2002, and production continues for military, police and civil markets in Russia to this day.  Additionally, the Makarov Pistol was also produced under license in East Germany, Bulgaria and China.  The Makarov Pistol has served around the world in conflicts and security duties in all climates and terrains, and can claim the distinction of being the first firearm to be carried into space.

Despite the large numbers and the widespread use of the Makarov Pistol, it remained a rare and little known firearm among western collectors until the end of the Cold War.  In the 1990s however, large numbers of Makarov Pistols, accessories and its previously unobtainable 9x18mm cartridge were exported to the west with the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, opening up a new field of firearms collecting.
While collectors have been documenting and recording the many aspects of the Makarov Pistol over the last 25 years, this information has never been systematically consolidated into a handy reference book - until now.

This book documents the Makarov Pistols produced by the Soviet Union and Russian Federation, and the Pistole M, the version produced in East Germany.  This is the first volume of a two volume series documenting the history, features, manufacturing variations and markings of the Makarov Pistol, its accessories, documentation and other collectibles available to the collector.  This is a book by collectors, for collectors, and it is the first comprehensive collector’s review of the Makarov Pistol.

Publication Date: Sep 23 2016
ISBN/EAN13:  0994168233 / 9780994168238
Page Count: 134
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Language: English
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Related Categories: History / Military / Weapons  

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Publication Date: September 25, 2016
ISBN-13: 9780994168245
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North Bender
"Clear photos and lots of them, along with extensive references and a well researched bibliography, back up the conclusions the authors reached concerning dated variations of the pistols, holsters and ammunition. So many of the questions we receive on the Makarov forum will be addressed by the book's findings."
Review by sksguide
"..the book is great. Clear Pictures a plenty. Paper quality is super. Information that is straight forward and when questions remain, they say so.
Concise, clear and very handy to use. This is now the standard reference for the russian and east german."

"This is a 1st Class book."

"I would just add this: new book is THE BEST Makarov monograph available to date in any language. As a native russian speaker I have access to literature published overseas on this very interesting weapon and i can fully attest - there is no reference covering as many topics with detailed information backed by solid sources as this book, not even in Russia where pistol was originally designed and manufactured.

Book covers history, design features, variations, collectability aspects, ammunition, accessories and many other topics for Russian and East German Makarovs in great details. It has many excellent color photos beautifully supporting text narrative. These pistols are not widely popular among collectors and I hope the book will help to close information gaps for western collectors and ultimately many more people will appreciate Makarov's simplistic elegance.

Being avid collector I often spent hundreds of dollars for a good firearm reference books. Usually they printed in low volume and very quickly become collectible objects by itself. This book is very reasonably priced and is available for order from virtually anywhere in the world. I urge everybody interested in Communist block weapons to order a copy of the book for their collection."

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