Academic Consulting and Proof Reading

I am an Academic Consultant,  Corporate and Academic Proof Reader, and Chinese to English Translator.  Please contact me about these services.

Academic Consultant

I am an academic researcher in Chinese studies, and I am a Visiting Associate in Chinese Studies at Macquarie University. I am an academic consultant in Chinese society and politics to the Centre of Defence and Strategic Studies of the Australian Defence College, where I teach to senior Australian and international military and government officials.

My research and academic interests are Chinese history and politics and contemporary Chinese society; strategic and defence studies; comparative cultural and philosophical approaches to warfare as well as the evolving nature of conflict and warfare; the role of radio, broadcasting and signals intelligence, information and propaganda in conflict; Chinese-Australian community history.

I am available for consultancies in any of these areas of interest.

Proof Reader and Writer

I am an editor, proof reader and writer.  I work to edit and re-write your documents or text to create your desired mood, style or message with the desired corporate or technical expression and idiom.

Recent corporate clients:  IP Financial Services

I work to proof read and provide advice on your academic writing. With 20 years experience in the university sector as researcher and academic, I can advise you on research articles, and both undergraduate and postgraduate writing.  Having advised students as an academic advisor and read thousands of their academic papers and reports, I can help you with editing and to advise you on conforming to the correct academic style.  I can help you to correct your grammar and written expression to fully articulate your ideas.

I have extensive experience with helping non-native English speakers with their academic writing and helping them to develop and express their ideas clearly, logically and in idiomatic academic English.

With an academic background in Chinese studies and as a native English speaker, I can provide services to translate your documents or text from Chinese to English.  I can translate Chinese text into your desired expression and style in natural and idiomatic English.

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