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I am an academic researcher and writer. I am an independent publisher. I can work with you to develop your ideas, write your book, and get you published, printed and sold.

I can offer my services every step of the way to publish your book. 
  • I can help you with the writing of your manuscript. I will work with you to develop your ideas, use your sources such as diaries, letters and photos to develop a structure of a manuscript. I can help you to connect your ideas and structures together so that they flow smoothly and logically.
  • I can provide editorial services to polish your writing, step by step and page by page.  I can help to correct your grammar and expression.  I can help you craft your written expression to create the style you want or you need to find your voice or the voice of your characters.  I can help you to use the correct or your desired idiom and vocabulary in both creative or technical writing.
  • I can provide you with publishing services to get your book published in both printed book and ebook formats, with direct distribution and sales on online and in-store booksales.
  • My publishing service will keep you in complete control of the publishing of your book and will keep you in full control of your booksales and royalties.
  • I provide my services on a contract basis, meaning that I will work to complete the task of getting your book to publication and sales.  I do not work on commission and I do not take any share of your booksale royalties.

I can provide subject matter expertise for writing and editing in the following areas:
  • Military and defence, particularly military history and memoirs
  • History
  • Politics
  • China and East Asia, particularly culture, history and politics
  • Biographies and Memoirs
  • Science and technology 
  • Translation from Chinese to English

I am an academic researcher and consultant with 20 years of research and academic teaching experience in Australian universities.  I am a native English speaker, with a successful background in academic writing in both the humanities and the sciences.  I have all the experience and knowledge needed in writing and publishing to make your book project a success.

Read more about my academic background, my academic writing, my popular books and magazine articlesmy upcoming titles and clients' books.

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

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